Pastor Al Soto

Pastor Al Soto and Doug Tawlks will be presenting at the Heritage Church Celebrate Recovery Service on how one knows when health is coming to family systems? This all takes place Wednesday, August 19th at 7PM.

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  1. pastoralsoto says:

    This is an article that I have written as a part of the weekly update that I electronically send out to our Celebrate Recovery participants. I have found that most of our dysfunctional patterns are a direct result of how we try to meet legitimate needs in our life. I am convinced the reason why most people stay stuck is that their view of God is distorted and their is no Biblical theological basis for thinking. I am convinced that good theology will always lead to good practice. My basis for qualify s for good theology finds it’s basis in the Biblical foundation of Scripture which is for me God’s revelation to man. It is not important for me to have God give me every answer to every particular situation in life because in the tension points of life’s margins I learn to trust in His character which is immutable. It is also important for you who mis reading this article to understand that in knowing God’s character I still in my theological framework allow for mystery. I define mystery as my inability to understand all the ways of God which always helps me to live in the peace that He is God and not a puppet on a string. Mystery allows me to have with a sense of Awe to God! Having this kind of perspective allows me to enjoy journey understanding that this side of eternity I will never arrive. Arrival Theology places the unrealistic demand that I can get there quick and without the need to confront my pain. Arrival Theology has the perspective that when my pain is reduced I have arrived. Pain is not my enemy but a gift that reminds me of the capacity to change and love based on His mercy and grace. Walking with Christ is not some form of Self-Help filled with a blend of Psycho-Babble with trite spiritual quips. It is founded on the premise of a God who became one of us, confronted the weight of humanities pain, and opened up eternal possibility for life.
    So enjoy the ride!

We are all here because we are not all there!