Daily Office: “Getting Free From Preferences and Politics”- June 29, 2015

Galatians 6






“Every day God invites us on the same kind of adventure. It’s not a trip where He sends us a rigid itinerary, He simply invites us. God asks what it is He’s made us to love, what it is that captures our attention, what feeds that deep indescribable need of our souls to experience the richness of the world He made. And then, leaning over us, He whispers, “Let’s go do that together.” Bob Goff


The Apostle Paul makes it very clear that one of the signs of the Spirit-Filled life is the capacity for one to serve others and using the Apostles words, “especially those who belong in the family of believers.” The context of these verses speak of a person who is committed to the restoration but the challenge we have in doing this mandate is twofold: Preferences and Politics! Preferences are not evil around music styles, church sizes, pot lucks (I had to throw in there), but when we self anoint our personal preferences as being the right way in fulfilling the mission of Christ it becomes flesh. When we use our preferences to critically judge other churches or people on the basis of our preferences it is sowing to the flesh. Paul is not speaking of a Spirit Filled life that is simply about the “Benefit of an individual person,” but instead he is focusing on its “Benefit for the entire community.” How can we be a force of restoration for others if we can’t do it for members in our own Universal family.

Second, is Politics and I define this is in in light of the context of the Book of Galatians when dealing with the Judaizers. Paul is writing to people who being bullied by people some of whom who were in positions of influence who were calling people back to the practices of the Law. Some were returning back to this because quite frankly, in not doing this could cost them their job and have terrible repercussions. Paul’s ultimate thesis is “The Spirit Filled Life is one that is consciously aware of the presence of Christ in his or her life that they choose to fear and honor God in the choices they make.” Have their been people in your life you have wanted to please even when their actions were not God-Honoring? In the words of my grandmother Matilda Soto sowing to the flesh can make one be “Stuck on Stupid!”

My Senior Pastor, Ray Johnston, inspires me with the Church being a message of Hope to people. What hope can I give to others if I am not being that HOPE to those in my greater family.

The sky is not falling and the same Jesus who died and rose from the grave is empowered us to do good to each other especially those who are in our greater family.
Jesus I repent for the way that I have placed my preferences on the same level of inspiration as your WORD!

My Prayer:
Jesus I desire to Honor you first rather than please people.
Jesus allow me to be in sync with your Spirit so I do not grow weary,
Jesus help me to be out for the success of all those who are you Church and when the opportunity arises to serve them with a grateful heart! Amen!

Time for my coffee!

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Al Soto has been married to his incredible wife Valerie for 30 years and they have five sons and one grandson. Al has been in Local Church Ministry for 35 years as both as a Lead Pastor, Associate Pastor, and for five years as a Regional Overseer for his denomination. He has a BA degree from LIFE Pacific College and is currently completing an MA in Leadership & Spiritual Formation from Vanguard University. He currently resides in Lincoln, CA where he is the new Lead Pastor for one of the Campus locations for Bayside Church. He continues to coach High School Football for the Lincoln Fighting Zebras for the Junior Varsity Program and is facilitating Leadership training and coaching as well as facilitating Spiritual Retreats. His hobbies include Golfing and Scuba Diving as well as he is a veracious reader. His Life Statement is “Real Success is Helping others to Succeed!”
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