References Concerning Al Soto’s Leadership as a Coach, Pastor, Team Builder, and Trainer

Stephen Bogue


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October 25, 2014


To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Al Soto. It has been my privilege to have known Mr. Soto for over 35 years and in that time, to have had the distinctive pleasure to have known him as a friend and observe his continued lifetime of personal and professional development and achievement. My experiences with him as well as my observations have led to the following conclusions about Mr. Soto’s secular and ministry leadership capacity:

  1. Godly Character – Mr. Soto evidences a continuous commitment to God that reflects itself in his pursuit of a joyous lifestyle that pursues God’s manifested righteousness through his life as well as an uncompromised integrity of heart that reflects an unqualified love for all who cross his path. Further, his faithful and loving commitment to his wife and family is perhaps the greatest testimony to his loving and faithful prioritization of servanthood and godliness.


  1. Spiritual Maturity – Mr. Soto has been tried in the furnace of life’s trials both personally and professionally and not found wanting. He is a leader whose trials have created a servant’s humility yet demonstrated an unshakeable faithfulness to Jesus. The richness of his experience has given him the unique ability to mentor others from a relational position of submission that speaks powerful, life-transforming lessons to those God graces for his life to touch.


  1. Strategic Vision – Mr. Soto has continuously demonstrated the fundamental starting point for leadership; specifically, every organization he has been involved with has benefited from both his God-given gifting of wisdom as well as his ability to guide and lead an organization towards its God-designed preferred future.


  1. Non-Superstar Leadership Style – Mr. Soto possesses an exemplary talent for recruiting, mentoring, developing and directing the efforts of groups of talented individuals and leaders such as himself into meeting and overcoming extraordinary challenges. He does not seek the limelight but instead seeks where God wishes him to be. He possesses a David-like attitude in looking at what others consider impossible and developing the method and team to meet and achieve success against the challenge presented!


  1. Change Agent –Mr. Soto is one of those rare individuals that look at a challenge as God’s opportunity. At the same time, Mr. Soto possesses a keen understanding of human nature and its normal resistance to change. From the earliest point in my interactions with him, I have observed an extraordinary ability to bring others “on board” to the strategic vision he believes he has been given through an intelligent understanding of the environment he operates in; a fervent drive to positively “move forward” the ministries and organizations he is a part of as well as his powers of persuasion; understanding; negotiation; compromise; accurate self-reflection and willingness to see others interests advanced as long as such advancement does not jeopardize and or violate the organizational/ministry mission and its ethical standards that he is responsible for achieving.


  1. Relevant Communicative Skills – Mr. Soto’s faith proceeds from a well thought-out intellectual belief system and lifestyle of orthodox Christian doctrine. Throughout his ministry, it has been my observation that Mr. Soto has always prioritized not only the discipleship of believers but also the continued demonstration of the power of the gospel to accomplish transformation in their individual lives that glorifies God. He demonstrates a well-balanced approach in ministry of teaching orthodox Biblical doctrines and demonstrating the continued power of the gospel to transform lives while always diligently pursuing being careful not to do any damage to the unity of the body of Christ.


  1. Kingdom Increase Skills – Mr. Soto has demonstrated from the very beginning of his ministry a God-given gifting to bring increase to the kingdom not only in his own ministry of bringing souls to Jesus but in mentoring others who have replicated his gifting of planting new churches and also bringing souls into the kingdom of God.


In summary, it is my highest privilege to recommend Mr. Al Soto for your organization or ministry. I have found him to be a loving husband and father, thoughtful friend and faithful servant of God. I am confident you will be blessed to have him as part of your organization and/or ministry. If you have any further need to speak with me concerning this recommendation please contact me at 805-906-1268805-906-1268.


Stephen Bogue


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