Personal Recommendation from Dr. Jay Berns, Principle, Lincoln High School

Dr. Jay Berns






To Whom It May Concern:

It is a pleasure for me to offer this letter of recommendation for Al Soto as he applies for a Pastor position at your church. I have known Pastor Soto for the past four years, during this time period he has been an integral element and a driving force of the leadership in Bayside Church of Lincoln and in the city of Lincoln. In his assignment as Pastor of Bayside Church of Lincoln, he has been outstanding and has shown himself to be a wonderful and competent leader.

When meeting Pastor Soto, it is apparent that all of his ministering and administrative experiences have brought him to where he is today. It is evident when talking to him that he draws on his vast knowledge and experiences when making decisions.

Pastor Soto is extremely well rounded in his skills as a minister, educator and a leader. He is not a person who only excels in one area of leadership. He balances his leadership between being an instructional leader and an organizational leader. He is extremely competent in building rapport and relationships with students of all ages and with adults. Pastor Soto has stood out as one who is always looking for ways to improve growth opportunities for our students and increase student success. He is on a personal quest to self-improve. His involvement at many levels of education, churches, community, and leading, as well as his master’s degree, is clear indicators that lifelong learning is a way of life for him. This attitude has been contagious to the point where the people that he oversees and acquaints himself with, want to join him in the quest. The fact of the matter is change for the better happens when Pastor Soto oversees a church, team, and/or program.

In summary, I fully endorse Pastor Soto’s candidacy for Pastor of your Church. However, I would be remiss if I did not recognize that on a daily basis, Pastor Soto conducts himself as a professional in all aspects of the job including meetings, conferences, mentoring and so forth. My observations of Pastor Soto reveal that he has the interpersonal diplomacy, organizational skills, and commitment to excellence that are essential to being an effective leader in life. Your church can only be strengthened by the commitment of leaders such as Pastor Sot.

If you would like to discuss Pastor Soto’s strengths further, please feel free to contact me.


Jay N. Berns, Ed.D, Principal


790 J Street

Lincoln, CA  95648

(916) 645-6360

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