Personal Recommendation: Pastor Keith Jenkins, Lead Pastor New Life Foursquare Church, Los Angeles

Keith Jenkins






October  30, 2014



To Whom  It May Concern,


My name is Keith Jenkins and I serve as the Lead Pastor of New LifeLA in the City of Los Angeles.  I have had the pleasure  of leading and serving alongside of Al Soto for the past 4 years as Foursquare pastors. During my tenure as the Missional Director for the Greater Los Angeles District  of Foursquare  churches, I personally  witnessed Al Soto’s leadership skill sets, team building, and his ability to articulate a clear mission for his congregation. He was able to turnaround a very unhealthy  and aging congregation  in a short period  of time.  His ability to gather a team, assess their gifts/talents and employ them effectively was nothing short of exemplary. Honestly, Al Soto was overly qualified for the task given his education and experience. However, the quintessential virtue of an exceptional leader stood out, that being his humility. As we journeyed together I watched him develop spiritual formation platforms within the ministry  and leadership development tracks for his young pastors in training. What I personally find most impressive  is that he modeled  a sustainable life in some very  trying times and kept his priorities  (God, wife, family and ministry)  in  tact.

Watching Al take the complex and make it easily accessible for his young staff was amazing. Al was a local pastor with a parish mentality that compelled him to pastor his entire city.  I would   enthusiastically recommend Al Soto for any position he would apply for whether secular or a ministerial  position.

If you would like to speak to me directly I can be reached at 562.519.0293  or


Keith 0. Jenkins, Lead Pastor

New LifeLA


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