Personal Recommendation: Connie Roberts, Director of Compassion Ministries, Bayside Lincoln Campus

February 1 1, 2015

To whom it may concern,

I wish to provide a reference with regards to the outstanding organizational capabilities and leadership of our Bayside Lincoln pastor , Al Soto. I’ve worked with Al for the past two years as a volunteer mission compassion outreach team leader striving to develop local compassion outreach resources and programs to benefit the Lincoln community. Al has focused on developing the core leadership team and training us on team dynamics and how to address conflict with integrity. He has been effective in mentoring us as a strategic leadership team comprised of a diverse group of volunteers, including women and men of all ages and backgrounds with a diverse ministry gifts who share the love of Christ.

Al is also dynamic passionate speaker who weaves his personal stories into presentations and sermons so his audience can better grasp and apply the message. He works tirelessly at meeting the needs of individual church members, as well as, has a heart and passion to bring new believers  to the Lord.

Our mission statement, To Reach Wide, Teach Deep, and Unleash Compassion show the triad we try to accomplish. Al ‘s Reaching Wide has brought innumerable people to find Christ as most of our congregation is new believers. He has collaborated with the local school principals to allow us to come on campus for presentations and in support of developing Christian ethic and character building curriculums with in our middle and high school. He has developed relationships with local Christian colleges, civic groups such as the Kiwanis & Art League, supported programs of other local churches for food programs and civic leaders within Lincoln. The Teach Deep element has surfaced with the leadership instruction to the teams, the development of small group bible study, enabling special women’s ministry coffee tal ks, and biblical studies. Our youth has thrived on the Word. Of course the Unleash Compassion  is  on  my  heart  as  we  have  supported  a  member  going through ALS walking alongside her and honoring her as a school principal with planting a presentation garden for her. Through our One Sunday serve days, God accomplished a multitude of projects and has unleashed a tide of good-will and personal self-respect amongst our school children and city.

I wish Al all the best and recommend  him  as God ‘s servant to whichever  exciting  endeavor he  is called.

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Compassion Team Lead, Bayside of Lincoln

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