Personal Recommendation: Dave Shafer, Bayside Worship Leader

Dave Shafer





To Whom it may concern:


I met Al in January of 2012 as I was assigned to help bring the Worship of the Bayside of Lincoln campus into alignment with the main campus. We worked together until I was reassigned in June 2013. In that time, I watched the Lincoln Campus grow from 70 people to 300, open a new facility,  and saw Easter and Christmas  services  each surpass 700 in attendance, and many lives changed.


Al is a very articulate, passionate, and intelligent communicator and leader. He demonstrates those skills at Sunday services, leadership training, planning meetings, and team building. Al demonstrates all those traits at the highest levels of any pastor I have seen to date. Al does all this with the utmost integrity and humility. He loves helping others succeed.


Another valuable quality Al has, is the ability to confront difficult situations that can arise while “doing church”. What makes Al excellent at this is his steadfast reliance on scripture, compassion,  fairness , and love.


Al has an incredible work ethic. I have never seen any pastor work as hard. When we first started working together, we were located at the Lincoln Community Center. Al would get there with me Saturday nights for set up. He would help me set up our sound and lighting, he would mop the entire basketball court, vacuum the student rooms, and mow the lawns.  He would do so all with a smile on his face knowing  that his work was not a job, but a privilege and calling.


Working with Al has been the highlight in my 6 1/2 years working at Bayside.I would highly recommend Al for any pastoral position he would be considered for. Please feel free to contact me with any more questions.


Thank You!

Dave Shafer

Adult Ministry Worship Leader / Tech Director | Video Cafe’ Worship Leader

8203 Sierra College Blvd.
Roseville, CA  95661

(916) 261-0702

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