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February 27, 2015


Re: Pastor Al Soto


To My Friends in the Evangelical Covenant Church:


It is my great honor to recommend Al Soto as your next Senior Pastor. Al is a man of impeccable character, great integrity and a deep love for God. A phenomenal father, and an even better grandfather, Al and his wife Valerie are one of the finest couples serving the church today.


As a pastor and leader, Al is transparent without catharsis, confrontational without being condescending and intelligent with no hint of being a “know-it-all.” Some of Al’s greatest attributes as a leader include:


  • Team Builder:  Working with both staff and laity he works diligently at developing the person while unifying all toward a common mission.


  • Team Player: Has no ego needs and works for the common good.


  • Conflict Management: Practices Mt. 18:15-20 and is able to appropriately confront people and situations in love. This usually results in a stronger bond and greater mutual respect.


  • Community Engagement: Was the “pastor of Lincoln” and earned both the ear and the respect of civic leaders, governmental leaders and the academic community.


  • Intelligence: Is very smart, self-effacing and great at sharing with others in the classroom.


By now you can likely tell I am not only a friend of Al Soto, I am a fan. As you come to better know him you will be too.


Please let me know if I can be of any additional service to you.




David Harris, BA, MCM, DMin

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