Personal Recommendation Letter’s: Rev. Betsy Vanderpool & Ed Vanderpool

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October 25, 2014


To Whom It May Concern:


It is a pleasure to recommend Pastor Al Soto to your organization. I have known Pastor Al since 2011 and have worked closely with him on an organizational turn around, leading a distressed organization through the process of becoming a healthy, thriving organization.  Pastor Al is a catalytic leader who is intentional in building teams and leading organizational change from a firm foundation in his relationship with Christ, his knowledge of Scripture and sensitivity to the pace the organization can adapt and grow.

Pastor Al is informed by a conservative, orthodox theology, and integrates it with a leadership focused not only on the church, or university, but also in reaching outside the walls to impact the community.

Pastor Al embodies team ministry and is able in multiple settings to bring a high capacity team together, establish clarity and competency for the project at hand, and allow the team the freedom to pursue the goal to the best of their abilities. Pastor Al empowers and releases those he leads in such a way that he attracts top talent to work with him.

Pastor Al is above reproach in how he conducts himself on and off the public platform and is consistent in all areas of his life; what you see is what you get and you always know where you stand. He has a depth of spiritual maturity that comes from a rich personal experience with Christ. Pastor Al connects with others in a way that honors them regardless of where they are on the spiritual journey, from not-yet-believers to colleagues and those to whom he is accountable.

Pastor Al will be an asset to any organization fortunate to add him to their team. Please feel free to contact me for more information.




Betsy Vanderpool

Connection Pastor

Bayside Lincoln Campus

916.580.5544  ⁄


Ed Vanderpool

2608 Century Oak Drive

Lincoln, CA 95648


To whom it may concern:


It is with pleasure to write a recommendation letter for Al Soto. It has been an honor working with Al Soto for the last 3 plus years at Bayside Lincoln Campus. I have worked alongside Al in several roles during his Pastor role at Bayside. I have seen Al’s leadership in many situations and have had the honor of seeing his efforts in the community bring many benefits to schools and organizations.


He has a leadership style that is and has been very effective in building disparate teams that work across cultural boundaries. He is effective at motivating people to grow beyond where they are currently at and having them own the situation they are in.


Al has been able to transform our church from a small and not healthy place of worship to a strong, vibrant and community focused church. One of the questions I ask myself is if the church was not in operation would the community miss it? With Al’s vision and leadership this church would be missed in this community.


Al has a special way of communicating not only one on one but to an entire group / congregation that makes them grow and respond in a Godly way in Love and friendship. He has grown our local High School leaders from a few to several hundred that have been able to combat our suicide and general teenage issues. These young leaders have been able to learn and grow under Al’s care and with his easy going but direct way of interfacing has built a great following to do better.


In Summary I could not recommend a better leader, pastor, spiritual guidance and loving husband/father. He is thoughtful and remarkably humble with the awesome amount of gifts he has from God. I also count him as a dear friend in this walk of life. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. (916) 258-5599.



Ed Vanderpool

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