Personal Recommendation: Pastor Miykael Mathis former Student Ministries Pastor at Trinity Christian Center

Miykael Mathis



My Perspective of Pastor Al in:

  • Spiritual Life
  • Leadership Skills
  • Preacher and Teacher
  • Mentor


  • Al Soto is a man of great discipline and spiritual vitality. If there is anyone that abides in Christ, it is him. As I read through the Scriptures I am always amazed at the discipline that Christ possessed and time he spent in prayer and devotion to God. More specifically as I read Mark 1:35 which talks about Christ getting up early in the morning while it was still dark to pray, I am moved to do so myself. While this may not be a daily discipline for me, yet, it is a discipline for Al. I have picked up over the years his commitment to the Word and prayer. He wakes up early to spend time with the Lord, and that has become his strength.

I watched as Al went through unpleasant times as I was serving under him as Youth Pastor. In all of this, he never lost faith and continued to believe God in all circumstances. He never gives up believing in the power of God, and if there is anyone I know that hears from the Lord, it’s Al Soto.



  • I am the leader I am today, because of Al Soto’s influence
  • Al is a team guy, with team spirit, and allows individuals on the team to be themselves while he gives clear direction and vision to what is trying to be accomplished. One of the biggest compliments I could ever give to my past leaders is telling them “I would serve under you again.” I say that, to say this: I would serve under Al Soto again. I would serve under him in any context, in any position. He is empowering, supportive, and believes the best in every one of his teammates, and I was grateful to sit under his leadership.


  • Al Soto is a good mix of a preacher and teacher. I wouldn’t say he is a teacher more than a preacher, or vice versa. Because of his biblical knowledge and the way he approaches scripture, he is able to unpack the Bible in a way that is very practical and real for the people that are listening. Not only does he teach the word, but he preaches the Word. There were many times I left church feeling inspired and courageous about my relationship with God because of the way he proclaimed Biblical truth. Al has an ability to not only explain, but with passion, power, and purpose, convey God centered truths that encourage hearers to take a step of faith. I thank God for sovereignly bestowing the gifts upon Al to allow people to understand the Word of God in a practical, but powerful way.


  • It has been a couple years since serving on Al Soto’s ministry team, but I still call him today. I still ask him for advice, and I still ask him for his input in crucial areas of my life. I know no one better than Al Soto, as mentor. I am not the same person because of Al Soto’s influence in my life. I appreciate his grace centered approach, as he speaks the truth in love. I’m constantly encouraged when I walk away from our conversations and that goes for me, even when its “tough”.


Respectfully Submitted,

Miykael Mathis

Student Ministries Pastor, Champion Christian Center, Las Vegas, NV


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