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October 26, 2014
To Whom It May Concern,

Al Soto is a very effective leader. He believes in team ministry and his ability to create and implement teams has been very beneficial to the organizations and individuals he has worked with. He believes that ministry flows out of relationship and he invests his time in building relationships. He genuinely enjoys people and wants to see them succeed.

I worked with Al, for a little over a year and a half. In this time I watched him work with people, various teams, and difficult situations. He always handles himself well and treats others with dignity and respect. He is secure enough in himself that he can let others thrive. He will come alongside those he is working with and cheer them on, encourage them, and correct them when needed. He believes in both established and emerging leaders. He knows that transformational leadership and healthy soul care is vital to a leader’s longevity. He, therefore, models healthy leadership to those around him. He resources them with tools, training, and learning communities.

Al Soto is a lifelong learner. He loves to read, process, and unpack what he is learning with others. He likes to take stock of himself and asks for honest feedback from others. His ability to listen and be open to suggestions helps him to continue to grow as a leader. I have seen him not just listen to critiques, but also make positive changes when necessary.

One of the areas that Al excels in, is his ability to see potential in others. He is committed to seeing gift-based serving rather than gender-based hierarchy. He helps both males and females to discover their potential, develop their God given gifts, and then helps them to deploy them for the profit of the Kingdom.

I believe Al will do well wherever God plants him. He is a man who loves the Lord. His actions and words reflect a servant’s heart and his love and care for the Lord’s people is evident in how he treats others.


Michelle Buck
Assisting Minister, The Branch

4155 Sebren Ave ● Lakewood ● CA ● 90713 ● (562) 716-6372

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