Grandpa Moment: Challenging Exegesis From the Lego Bible!

The Lego Old Testament Bible Cover








I have been reading the through the Old Testament with my five year old grandson, Josiah Soto, and we came across an interesting moment tonight. We are reading about the story of Noah and the Lego Bible goes through every detail. For instance, the “Lego Bible” presents how wicked people had become and that  the “Sons of God” came and took the women and had children who became Giants. My grandson asked me, “PAPA, what does that mean?” Tough Question! Then it goes on to to discuss how all the wicked people had to drown. Josiah’s question, “PAPA I thought we are to be kind to people?” Now I am sweating profusely and all my theological training is not helping me at this moment.

lego bible People drowning






Now the next difficult moment came when Noah and his family are getting off the Ark and there are the skeletons of all the people who died in the flood laying on the ground. Josiah goes on to comment, “PAPA I thought we are suppose to be kind to bad people hoping they will change and with all those dead bodies everywhere it must have smelled bad.” My response, “Look at the rainbow and see what it means!”

lego bible people getting out of the ark


We got through the story and I asked Josiah what is the one thing that he learned? He said, “To do what God tells you to do!” Wheeewwww! He did get something out of the story! He then asked, “What do we get to read tomorrow night?” Well we have more mayhem to deal with! Thank you Lego Bible! Where is there a Children’s Pastor when you need one! Seminary never trained me for this scenario!




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