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August 19, 2013


Psalm 105:3-6

Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

 “Honor His holy name;
let the hearts of those who seek Yahweh rejoice.
 Search for the Lord and for His strength;
seek His face always.
 Remember the wonderful works He has done,
His wonders, and the judgments He has pronounced,
 you offspring of Abraham His servant,
Jacob’s descendants—His chosen ones.”


Much like Psalm 78, this psalm also presents a survey of God’s early dealings with Israel. Both psalms are characterized by a strong element of thanksgiving. Psalm 105:1-5 is closely parallel to I Chronicles 16:8-36, Psalm 105:1-2 is similar to Isaiah 12:3b.[1] In verses 1-6 the psalmist is exhorting Israel to be thankful for the faithfulness of God to them as a people. The verbs in the passage, make known and talk make clear the evangelistic thrust of the psalmist’s spirit. He wanted to be sure that the peoples were aware of the magnitude of God’s activity in history. He desired that men diligently and constantly seek His face, an idiom describing a desire for acceptance by God and a quest for information about God’s will. The description of a fulfilled believer is one who in his or her worship gives full play to memory of God’s marvelous works, for such memory provides a solid basis for thanksgiving. One who exercises the gift of remembrance can be thankful. Only man who is created in the image of God (Imago Dei) can engage in this practice of “remembering” with the understanding that the acts of God are a result of the character of God. The word translated as “honor” in some translations is the word “glory.” This word can be translated as weight or honor when it is used to describe the actions and character of God. It is not describing what one does in a worship event as much how one lives. Thus, in the lifestyle of a believer as one remembers God’s actions in history one can be assured that they stand in the opinion of God rather than the opinion of circumstances, people, or even what is being rehearsed in the mind of a person. Remembering the actions and character of God is an act of worship that honors God.


It is in the act of remembering the actions and Character of God that I begin to be released into a new relationship of trust with the Lord. When you begin to see how God reveals himself in the progressive revelation of Scripture there is a consistent theme of God being a God who reveals His character through His actions in history and at the same time desires that His people behave like Him so they would be examples of the character of God. Israel in a sense always attempted to avoid their pain as a people by seeking refuge in alliances with other nations to protect them but God is saying to Israel that I have a track record of always being for you. The love of God is a powerful force and where I can begin to honor God is to truly accept the fact that I am loved by Him. Henri Nouwen states it this way, “You have to dare to live through the pain and struggle. Acknowledge your anguish but do not let it pull you out of yourself. Hold on to your chosen direction, your discipline, your prayer, your work, your guides, and trust that one day love will have conquered enough of you that even the most fearful part will allow love to cast out all fear.”[2] As I remember God’s actions of love to me and in me I can more fully live like the real me that He created me to be.


“Lord, You have done so many things throughout my short life that has simply amazed me! I desire to remember what you have done so that I can live it out with a humble-confidence before people. It is my desire that I would become the best tool in your hand and that I would live before others as one who is beloved by you. May your perfect love cast out all fear in me. I pray this to you – God who is Trinity – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit – who whispers His love to me in Stereo so that I may hear. In the Name of Jesus Christ – Let my obedience to you grow –Amen!







[1] George Herbert Livingston, “Psalms 73-150,” ed. MA Charles W. Carter, ThM., The Wesleyan Bible Commentary (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Book House, 1968). p 391.

[2] Henri Nouwen, The Inner Voice of Love

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  1. Kendra says:

    What a powerful and timely thought from Henri Nouwen. A great final thought for my day.

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