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Why People Circle the Wagons During Difficult Times? The Challenge of Imaginative Gridlock! Part 1 of 2

          The meaning of idioms generally alters as time passes, but sometimes the original meaning is also based on a false premise. The idea that settlers of the west were often threatened by marauding Native American … Continue reading

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The Big TEN Characteristics of an Effective Team Member! Part 2 of 2

        I am continuing in this blog post Part 2 of my Big TEN Characteristics for effective team members. Here are the last five characteristics on my list:   Competency – An effective leader is going to … Continue reading

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“Shout-Out to A Great and Growing Church – Bayside Galt: Where People are Discovering Authentic Community!”

  This last Sunday morning I had the opportunity to speak at the Bayside of Galt Church and what I experienced was incredibly refreshing! My wife and I were warmly greeted at the doors and were welcomed by a variety … Continue reading

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“What’s Your Power Style? How to use Your Power to Help the Team?” “Tools for Exercising Power” Part 1 of 4

    When addressing the topic of “Power” most people tend to view this in a negative way because they often times have been the recipient of the use of power being used in a manipulative way. I think it … Continue reading

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      As I am writing this article I have been really reflective with the changes of the seasons in my life and the one constant thing in the continuum of life that I have come to accept as … Continue reading

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Musings Concerning the Transformational Coaching of Leaders

                One of my favorite adages reads as follows: “When just a few people try to do a lot of things, little gets done, but when a lot of people each do a … Continue reading

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Be A Champion

            “I thank God, whom I serve with a clear conscience as my ancestors did, when I constantly remember you in my prayers night and day. Remembering your tears, I long to see you so that I … Continue reading

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