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Pastor Al Soto did a phenomenal job coaching my leadership team. As a pastor of a church working through transition and helping people to embrace change his “Process Consulting Model” effectively helped my leaders make a big step in moving ahead in our mission as a church. My head thinking leaders came out using their hearts and my heart thinking leaders came out using their heads. Together as a team they have made significant progress in understanding each other better as well as having a healthy perspective in how we all play a significant part in the success of serving on mission.

Pastors I recommend that you invite Pastor Al Soto to come and assist your church and leaders in the process of becoming more effective leaders. Also, if you are a church that is in need of a Lead Pastor I served 2.5 years with Pastor Al Soto as his Student Ministries Pastor and I can passionately tell you that he lives out what he teaches and there are very few people that I have witnessed can bring people from different age (generational), and ethnic backgrounds together in order to serve a common mission.

Make no mistake, they will enjoy the ride getting there!

Pastor jack Gonzales

Jack Gonzales II

Lead Pastor, New Life Worship Center

Email: jackg@newlifesac.org

Phone: 916-541-5620


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