Phillip Escamilla, Lead Pastor. Bayside Galt Church


Dear Pastor Al:

I just wanted say thank you for coming to speak to our church–Bayside Covenant Church in Galt–last Sunday.  Your wit, energy, and passion truly came through; even on a holiday weekend, our congregation was riveted and engaged!

I can’t tell you how many comments I heard after your message (both in person and on Facebook) about how folks were touched not only by your message, but also by your personal testimony and the opportunity to meet your family.

Thanks again for encouraging our congregation with your message, prayers, and feedback.  I pray for God’s best in your journey, and would be glad to let any church looking for a pastor know about the blessing that they would be receiving in having someone with your ministry experience and spiritual maturity lead, guide, and shepherd them.


Phillip Escamilla, EdM, JD

Pastor, Bayside Covenant Church in Galt


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