The Big TEN Characteristics of an Effective Team Member! Part 2 of 2






I am continuing in this blog post Part 2 of my Big TEN Characteristics for effective team members. Here are the last five characteristics on my list:


Competency – An effective leader is going to know where the most effective place on a team will be for each team member. Nothing frustrates high performing members of a team than a participant that cannot perform their role well. Competency builds a strong team. Competency erases any cause for needless anxiety and is good for our mental health, as well as the health of the team.

Reliability & Follow-Through – Which reduces the anxiety and stress of a team when people on the team keep their word. The most aggravating team member is one who over-promises and under-delivers! I have discovered that it is this “Unreliable Under-performer” who often times becomes critical of other members of the team to cover their own lack of follow-through! Leadership teams that have these types of people usually cannot keep high-performers because it becomes to frustrating to compensate for their follow-through.

Active Problem-Solver – Effective team players are willing to deal with all kinds of problems in a solution-oriented manner. They are problem –solvers, not problem-dwellers, problem-blamers, or problem-avoiders. They have the ability to assess the reality of a situation and through open dialog with other members of the team collaborate together in finding solutions and forming action plans, and at the same time giving credit to the team for implementing effective strategies. They the elevate the “WE” and not the “ME” in the process of problem-solving.

Open Communicators – Team players who are active listeners who consider the ideas and thoughts of other people without becoming argumentative are more consistently the players who have the ability to ask constructive questions. An open communicator embraces the understanding that ideas can always be shaped in an environment that allows for clear, honest, debate that shows respect to other members of the team. I am always convinced, “That none of us are as smart as all of us” when it comes to team communication.

Flexibility & Hard work – Good team players learn how to adapt to ever-changing situations. They embrace the notion, “Blessed are those who are flexible for they shall not break!” They don’t complain or get stressed out because a new direction is being set. They also know how to “Roll up their sleeves” and work hard at seeing that the mission gets completed with excellence. They will offer to support other members on the team to get the work done. They respond to requests for help as well as take the initiative to offer help to other members on the team.


These last five characteristics complete my “BIG TEN!” Doing team well is hard work but it multiplies the effectiveness of an organization when the work is done through teams. This quote by an unknown author says it all, “”Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.”

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Al Soto has been married to his incredible wife Valerie for 30 years and they have five sons and one grandson. Al has been in Local Church Ministry for 35 years as both as a Lead Pastor, Associate Pastor, and for five years as a Regional Overseer for his denomination. He has a BA degree from LIFE Pacific College and is currently completing an MA in Leadership & Spiritual Formation from Vanguard University. He currently resides in Lincoln, CA where he is the new Lead Pastor for one of the Campus locations for Bayside Church. He continues to coach High School Football for the Lincoln Fighting Zebras for the Junior Varsity Program and is facilitating Leadership training and coaching as well as facilitating Spiritual Retreats. His hobbies include Golfing and Scuba Diving as well as he is a veracious reader. His Life Statement is “Real Success is Helping others to Succeed!”
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