The Only Culture You Can Create

Most leaders want to change culture. They believe that progress can be made by adjusting ways of thinking and doing. It is true that belief impacts behavior. Our culture is a distilment of the world as we see it. Leaders are asking people to follow them towards a better way and so we ask, what must we do to create culture?

I believe that you can only create one type of culture. The only culture you can create is derivative of your own beliefs and behaviors. You cannot create something that you are not and this is where we error. Have you ever seen a 40 something get up on stage dressed like a  20 something? How does that make you feel? Inspired to follow? I doubt it. Have you ever expierenced an inspiritation talk on the subject of health from an overweight speaker? No, no you havent.

We cant give away something that we dont have. Culture creation is all about vision. You must be able to embody the image of that which you are trying to convey. If you are trying to create a culture of generosity then you must be generous. If you are trying to create a culture of acceptance then you must be accepting. Dont try to create a hip and trendy culture unless you are certifiably hip and trendy. Why not try? Because you will fail. People possess an uncanny skill of detecting that which is fake. You will not fool them.

This is good news. You now understand the formula for creating culture. You must become that which you wish to produce: culture creation is about being. There is another way: as a leader of a team you can platform the type of culture (people) that you wish to create. If you feel that hip and trendy is the way of the future then find hip and trendy people to speak for you. Shine the spotlight on the type of people that you want to become. This is especially effective when you are trying to reach beyond your current scope of influence.

The bottom line is that culture is only generated out of authentic beliefs and behaviors. 

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