WE ARE REALLY WEALTHY!: I Corinthians 1:5-6

Rich Indeed






“…that in everything you were enriched in Him, in all speech and all knowledge, even as the testimony concerning Christ was confirmed in you.” I Corinthians 1:5-6, NASB


The Apostle Paul like many of his introductions that are in his epistles begins in I Corinthians describing the theological work that Jesus Christ has done for us. The word “enriched” is the Greek word plousion, which describes, extreme or vast material wealth.[1] The etymology of this word is developed from it’s use by Plato who distinguished material riches from true riches which consist of wisdom, virtue and culture.[2] Later the word is found in the term “plutocrat” referring to a person who is so prosperous that he is unable to ascertain the full extent of his wealth.


The apostle Paul is not interested in the material understanding of the term riches. He gives it a deeper and new meaning by applying it to God, Christ and the Church.[3] For the Apostle Paul “Being made rich” by Him is both a present reality as well as an eschatological event. This is viewed in two ways:


  1. First, on the day we came into an intimate relationship with Christ by virtue of the regenerative power of His grace was the richest day of our lives. It was on that occasion that we became joint-heirs with Jesus Christ, with a legal right to all the promises of God.
  2. Second, we are also being enriched as part of the process that will continue throughout our lives. This verse could be translated, “…we are continually being enriched as a result of being in Him …”


The process is what we call the journey of “Christian Spiritual Formation.” It should be understood that Christian Spiritual Formation occurs, in His grace, and invades the destructiveness of suffering that results from the fall of man. Furthermore, Christian Spiritual Formation in Christ is a process of growing in kingdom living and participating in God’s mission.[4] WE HAVE BEEN MADE RICH!


A transliteration of this verse is:


“Your knowledge of Christ is based on so much more than hearsay; every aspect of your life gives eloquent expression to the rich reservoir of your union in Him. You certainly have the testimony of Christ evidenced in you.”[5]


The grounding of our wealth is in what Jesus Christ has deposited in us and continues to deposit in us. In God’s eyes we are a spiritual plutocrat! We do not need to settle with spiritual poverty. We have the privileged standing in Christ to expect the fullness of abundance being manifested in our lives in the promises, power and spiritual gifts that He bestows on us. Furthermore, what can be more wealthy than to have a personal relationship with the Master Architect who created us in His Image.

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