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Dear Friend to REAL GREATNESS:

So many exciting things are happening this week. Today, I had the opportunity to be training sixteen Civic Leaders from the City of Lincoln, CA, at William Jessup University in the area of team leadership skills.

William Jessup Training


This coming Sunday, I have the opportunity to be speaking at the, Bayside Church of Galt, where my good friend, Phillip Escamilla, is the Lead Pastor Bayside Galt Church. I am also thrilled to announce that in the next few weeks I will be posting some exciting blog articles: They are:

  • Back to the Future: “Re-investigating How Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Christological Focus Concerning Community Can Help the Church Today Thrive in the Midst of Cultural Dissonance!”
  • Pasteurized Pastors and Low-Fat Folks: “Is it Possible for the Church to have an Integrated Strategy for Spiritual Formation?”
  • Ground Rules for Constructive Controversy on Ministry Teams”
  • “What’s Your Power Style? How to use Your Power to Help the Team?
  • “We are All Here Because We Are All Not There: Five Ways Process Leadership Empowers Teams to Grow!”
  • “A Trinitarian Philosophy of Ministry: The Foundation for Staying on Mission!”


I will tackling some topics concerning the arena of personal recovery and it has been my own observation that is grounded in my own thirty-one years of sobriety that there are many myth’s that people embrace that can look like recovery but it is very destructive in reinforcing caustic forms of shame that erodes people own sense of personal identity. My grandmother on my father’s side would always tell my brother and me to wear clean underwear because you never know when you may be in a car accident and you would not want to be embarrassed not having clean underwear. I must admit that I have no argument to having clean underwear it was the second part of that statement that was detached from reality. I am entitling this article: “You Better Have Clean Underwear – You Could be in A Car Accident: The Myth’s We are Told As Children That Keep Us Hyper-Vigilant!” Please when ever you can write your comments. 

By the way – Real Greatness this past month broke the 12,000 subscriber mark which is AWESOME!

Thank you for interest in my Real Greatness Blog and I hope that you and your family have an incredible Memorial Day Weekend!


Yours on the journey,

Al Soto

“Real Success is Helping Others to Succeed!” 

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