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March 4, 2015



To Whom It May Concern:


Al Soto is a co-worker and a good friend. He has a passion for reaching people far from God and to disciple believers. He absolutely loves the Church.


Al is a godly man who loves the Lord. His ministry comes out of his deep relationship with Christ. He is a man of great integrity and there is no guile in him. He takes God’s work seriously but he also has a tremendous sense of humor.


He loves to connect with community leaders including principals, mayors, and city council members. The church he leads is known in the community for their acts of service. He is so well known that he received the honor of “Best Pastor” by people who live inthe town of Lincoln.


Al can relate to a wide range of people. He is very intelligent and is an avid reader. He has extremely high writing skills.



Jim Holst

Holst Bayside Church

Pastor of Outreach

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